Permitted Development

Permitted development allows for minor alterations to be made to your property without the need for a planning application.

Whist the rules are simple enough, there are very specific requirements to comply with the Permitted development requirements and it is best to take adivce.

We can review your project and provide a clear idea of whether it qualifiies for permitted development or not.

We normally recommend that a 'Certificate of Lawfulness' is applied for, which will officially confirm that your development complies with the regulations. The main advantage with this approach being that it quickly answers most questions that a lender, a solicitor or a neighbour might ask. Either now or in the future.

  • Simple matter to assess
  • Saves uneccessary costs
  • Certificate of Lawfullness provides proof

We can take care of everything and can also assist with plans and advice about building regulations.

Call Simon Cape on 0784 330 2678 to talk about your ideas or ask for a free project review.